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The Strongest Fishing Rods In SA

Whenever people think of going out of town for the weekend, they think of going to the bush camping. A common pastime for campers is to go fishing and catch some dinner. Not only is it straight from nature, but you had the pleasure of catching it yourself.

There’s an old expression we at Gawler Fishing and Outdoors live by: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” This old saying has inspired us to make sure we are selling the correct fishing rods available for you to use and catch as many fish as you desire.

Our rods will catch you many fish

Our Rods and reels are sensitive and strong, and will allow you to catch many types of fish. They offer maximum performance when you are angling. The bait sold at our store is fresh and or frozen and only the best quality is sourced. All the staff fish so we can offer the reliable advice on local baits for the local fish. We want you to get great results from the gear we sell.

You don’t have to travel too far away from our Gawler store to find a place catch some fish. In fact, there are many places near town and across SA that are ideal spots. Feel free to ask any of our staff members where to go and any tips we can offer you on using fishing rods. But if that isn’t your game, we can also show you our hunting rifles in store.

Trusted brands we sell

  • Shimano
  • Abu Garcia
  • Daiwa
  • Jarvis Walker
  • Penn
  • Wilson

If you are keen on going up to the river and catching some grub, pop into our store, located at 48 Murray Street, Gawler. We can also be contacted at (08) 8552 6200 or contact@fishnout.com.au for any inquiries.