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Aos Tracker Double Dome Swag

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Price: $679

Category: Sleeping

Quality Australian made swag
Ideally suited to warmer Australian climates, such as Outback, Tropical and Northern regions.

Australian made top quility Swags.
Featuring a full Heavy Duty 14oz Waterproof, Breathable Canvas Top that can be completely removed to allow you to sleep directly under the stars or have the protection of a fully enclosed Sandfly/Mosquito-proof Mesh that extends completely down to the zip.

On cooler nights, the Tracker Swag can then be changed to allow a smaller amount of Mesh to be exposed, all without the need to fully exit the Swag to change configurations.

All AOS Dome Swags come complete with proprietary Pre-Bent Alloy Poles as a patented Zip-In Pole System, which allows you to fully setup the Swag in under 2 minutes.

The model now comes with a Swag Carry Bag to help protect your prized possession in storage and in transit. Its plenty big enough to fit the Swag itself as well as any bedding like Sleeping Bags or Pillows that complete your kit.