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Falcon compound Bow Ready To Shoot Package

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Price: $469

Category: Bows


I.B.O. 295 f.p.s.
Draw 25-30
Weight 45- 60lb
Brace Height 7-1/2
Axle-Axle 35”

The new PSE FC Cam System is versatile and easy to adjust. You can maintain the draw weight regardless of draw length setting. You can also adjust the cam so the draw weight ncreases as the draw length gets longer or draw weight decreases as the draw length gets shorter. New Mini SF Technology limb, up to 20 lb. draw weight adjustment depending on the peak weight. Available in BreakUp Infinity limbs with a Black riser. Weight 2.5 lbs., Let Off 70 percent. This right hand package Includes, Factory installed Gemini Sight, Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, Mongoose Quiver, and Wheel Peep and Nock Set.