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Tikka T3x Hunter S/S rifle

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Price: $1759

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Category: Centerfire Rifles

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Quality Tikka hunting rifle
Tikka T3 Hunter Stainless comes with all the same qualities as our Hunter model. Stainless metal parts make it perfect for all conditions and a bit easier to take care of.

Comes in:
204 Ruger
222 Rem.
223 Rem.
22-250 Rem.
243 Win.
260 Rem.
338 Federa
308 Win.
270 WSM
300 WSM
25-06 Rem.
6,5 x 55 SE
270 Win.
30-06 Sprg.
8 x 57 IS
9,3 x 62
7mm Rem. Mag.
300 Win. Mag.
338 Win. Mag.